const markDeGroot :IDeveloper = {
profession: 'Front-end Developer',
developerSince: 2000,
description: 'I am an enthusiastic person with a creative mind and a passion for front-end development. I enjoy working with Angular, Vue, CSS and writing clean, well-structured code. I also have extensive knowledge of web design and back-end technologies. As a team player, I enjoy sharing knowledge, improving skills, and discussing front-end architecture and tooling.',
skills: [
'Angular (JS)',
'Vue / Vite',
'Web Components',
'Lit / Stencil',
'Unit testing - Jasmine',
'E2E testing - Protractor',
'TaskRunners - Grunt, Gulp',
'Design System',
'Web / Logo Design',
'Git / TFS',
'Scrum / Kanban'
hobbies: {
ukulele: 'Youtube video coming soon',
painting: '',
playstation: ['Last of Us', 'Red Dead Redemption']
age: 43,
family: {
wife: 'Margarita',
sons: ['Mateo']
city: 'Almere',
country: 'The Netherlands',
company: 'MrTurbo',
email: '',
linkedin: ''